What earrings to wear if you are invited to a wedding in 2022

Someone is getting married and you don’t know what to wear to match your dress? We explain what types of earrings you should wear as a wedding guest in 2021 and a few extra tricks, depending on the season and the time of the celebration. Know more about volleyball net for above ground pool.

And if we think about it, there are countless rules and customs for the bride, but what about the rest of the wedding guests? It is clear that they should not wear a white dress. But is there anything else we should know so as not to look ridiculous? Can I wear the jewelry that she wants?

The answer is yes. Yes, yes and yes. But when it comes to the dress of the guests at a wedding, there are several rules that you must follow. Keep in mind that if you attend a religious wedding, you should avoid wearing bare shoulders or miniskirts (especially if you attend the ceremony in church). As for color, any color except white is allowed. Now that we have this in mind, it’s time to choose our wedding guest earrings for this 2021. You might be interested in badminton nets.

When it comes to earrings, there is no specific etiquette for jewelry for wedding guests. It is said that the ideal wedding guest should wear simple and sophisticated jewelry, so as not to overshadow the bride, wearing minimalist and classic accessories, but the reality is that in 2021 this is already a bit outdated. That is why in this article we bring you the best jewelry and earrings ideas for wedding guests for 2022 and learn more about spikeball.

What earrings should a guest wear to a wedding in 2021?

As we have already said, there is no rule or tradition regarding the earrings that a guest should or should not wear at a wedding. The best and what they all agree on is that any jewel is appropriate as long as you feel comfortable and beautiful with it . So let’s start by asking ourselves a few questions depending on the type of earring we have in our jewelry box.

gold plated earrings

Gold (or rose gold) jewelry and earrings always look good on warm skin tones and combine perfectly with garments where colors such as yellow, green, orange, brown or aquamarine are the protagonists. In fact, if you have gold-plated earrings at the bottom of your jewelry box, you will be happy to know that they also combine perfectly with white zircons. So, if you have brown or dark skin, don’t hesitate to wear gold earrings as a wedding guest in 2021.

silver earrings

We go to the other extreme and that is that silver and white gold are ideal for those girls with paler or lighter skin tones. These types of earrings fit perfectly with vibrant colors such as blue, red, pink or purple . As simple as that!

hoop earrings

Fear not, hoop earrings are a good choice for wedding guest earrings if you feel comfortable wearing them. Whether they are large or small, they will always be a safe bet, since you can easily find them in both gold and silver colors. And it doesn’t matter which option you choose, they are all perfect for attending a wedding, whatever the type of ceremony.

statement earrings

The most striking jewels are also allowed as guest earrings at a wedding. If you have been invited to a wedding and you want to look divine, don’t be afraid to choose gold plated earrings with pearls or silver earrings with zircons. Don’t hesitate, the bigger the better!

drop earrings

Yes, drop earrings are a simple and sophisticated classic with which to achieve a special look at any wedding. Whether they are silver plated with diamonds, or even more daring, you can combine them with many of the most common types of necklaces and a matching diamond ring to complete the whole outfit.

Zirconia earrings

If you are undecided, zircon earrings are a safe bet when deciding on a good pair of earrings to wear as a guest at a wedding in 2021. The best thing about them is that you can find them in all colors and sizes . So much so that you can play it safe and choose silver or gold earrings with white zircons. Or if you want to be a little more daring, try other colors.

gemstone earrings

Gemstone earrings are the best if you don’t know what to wear and they are worth both for day to day and for any wedding guest look . This type of earrings has many shapes and the trick is to combine the color of the stones such as onyx, rose quartz, fluorite or mother-of-pearl, which are perfect for attending a wedding.

Pearl earrings

Who said you can’t wear pearl earrings as a wedding guest? Of course yes! Tradition places them as an ideal element for brides, but they are also ideal for guests. As we told you at the beginning, we are in 2021! It’s time to leave traditions behind and innovate with earrings.

What guest earrings do I wear if the wedding is…?

A wedding is a wedding, but depending on the time and the season, the chosen look can vary drastically. That is why, in addition to having explained all the types of earrings that you can wear as a guest, we are going to give you some last tips so that you know what to wear them with depending on when the wedding is celebrated.

day weddings

What do I wear for a daytime wedding? Choosing both the look and the earrings for tomorrow’s wedding guest is a complex decision. Our advice is to stay away from sequins and shiny fabrics and opt for shine through your earrings . Choose materials such as pearls, silver or even gold plated with some colored zircons.

night weddings

If the wedding is at night the choice is easier, colors like red, electric blue or black will be the main protagonists. But what wedding guest earrings match these colors? Well, the brilliant jewels, such as the zircon or drop earrings that we have previously mentioned.

summer weddings

The best thing you can wear to attend a summer wedding is to choose dresses made of light fabrics such as silk or satin, with colors such as pink and yellow. And what earrings stick more with this? Without a doubt, gold- plated earrings (with which to enhance your tanned skin) both simple and with colored or white zircons.

winter weddings

If it’s too cold, the first thing you’ll be thinking of is warm dresses with long sleeves and velvet. With this type of dress, the best earrings you can choose are the brilliant ones and the silver ones . Knowing this, you will only have to choose its shape based on the cut of the dress.

It’s 2021, so forget about all the prejudices and absurd rules when it comes to attending a wedding. The best thing is that you wear what you feel comfortable with, although with a certain sense of fashion of course. If you feel comfortable wearing statement earrings and want your jewelry to be the highlight of your wedding guest look, go ahead! Let no one tell you what earrings to wear as a wedding guest in 2021.

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