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Stone carpets are a great alternative to tiles. They impress with their elegant and modern look and cut a fine figure indoors and outdoors. Stone carpets are open-pored floor coverings that have no joints. It typically consists of small, rounded natural stone pebbles, such as marble or quartz stones, which are mixed with a suitable binder such as epoxy resin and applied. Processing is similar to that of a screed floor. After mixing a ready-to-use mass, it is applied to the floor or wall with a smoothing trowel. At tiles suppliers in Dubai and online at, you can get an extensive selection of high-quality stone carpets from the Quick Mix brand in various designs and colours that allow you to create a creative floor or wall designs. You will receive these products in the usual good quality and at optimal prices. We offer suitable primers and binding agents to go with this, with which you will achieve optimal results when laying.

Usage and Properties

Stone carpets are ideal for decorating walls, floors or stairs. There is a wide range of possible applications, whether in living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms or basements. You can also use these floor coverings outdoors, for example, on the balcony or terrace. But please note that a sealing mortar must first be applied to seal the substrate against moisture penetration when working outside or in wet rooms. Check out more at our Blog.

Stone carpets can convince with various advantages. They are durable, hard-wearing, abrasion-resistant, weather-resistant, frost-proof and colour-stable. Stone carpets are non-slip and abrasion-resistant. They can be cleaned quickly and easily and are extremely easy to care for. Since they hardly raise dust due to their open-pored surface structure, they are also a good alternative for allergy sufferers. Choose Infinite Leisure for your swimming pool tiles suppliers in Dubai. They are also sound-absorbing and anti-static.

Another notable feature of these floor coverings is that they are self-supporting. Depending on the intended use, this means that they can also be installed without a direct connection to the subsurface. To do this, they are applied to fixed foils, PVC coverings, installation boards or similar and can be easily removed at any time if desired. They are, therefore, a practical solution, especially in rented apartments.

Stone carpets also look great. Through the use of selected natural stones, they have an aesthetic similar to that of natural stone tiles. At the same time, however, individual accents can be set with different colours and designs – for the particular design of walls and floors.

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