Russians can get a free visa for the UAE at the airport

The United Arab Emirates is among the ten richest countries in the world. People most often relax here on the perfectly clean, warm and superbly equipped beaches of the Persian and Omani Gulf, visit the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, and visit the fabulously rich Sheikh Mosque of dazzling beauty.

You will also have to spend a lot on vacation in the UAE, but such a trip is definitely worth the investment.

1. Do Russians need a visa for the UAE 2019

To enjoy the beauty and feel the hospitality of an East Asian country, you will need a visa. Since February 2017, the UAE authorities have maximally simplified the acquisition process for Russian citizens. Know more about Rozaje.

Russians are issued a free 30-day visa upon arrival at the airport.

Moreover, the issued license, if necessary, can be extended once for the same period.

It is advisable to obtain a visa in advance when a citizen of the Russian Federation needs to stay in the UAE for more than 2 months.

Abu Dhabi, UAE

2. Main visa categories

Entry Emirati visas for Russians, which are issued upon arrival at the airport, are not divided into types.

Visas that allow you to stay in the country for 90 days can be single and multiple (multivisa), with the possibility of single and multiple entry in the specified period.

Please note that the UAE visa is not a traditional entry in the entry permit, but an electronic document with an assigned individual code.

It must be printed on high quality paper and submitted to an authorized representative of the border service. The exception is the visa upon arrival, in which case a stamp is affixed to the passport.

The longest stay is a residence visa for a period of 3 years. It is issued only to property owners in the UAE or employed citizens. In the latter case, the visa application is made exclusively by the employer.

Holders of residence visas are not advised to leave the country for more than six months, as the issued permit can be revoked.

3. How much does a visa for the UAE cost in 2019

A 30-day visa permit is issued to Russians free of charge upon arrival at the airport.

The cost of the service for its expansion varies between 560-620 dirhams. The amount of payment depends on the individual emirate.

Obtaining a one-time visa for 3 months through the Sharjah visa center will cost 23 thousand rubles, a visa for multiple entries – 43 thousand.

Emirates Visa Services will cost approximately $ 330 and $ 475 for visas for one or more entries.

Unmarried girls under the age of 31 traveling without an adult male relative or mother must pay $ 1,500, which is returned upon leaving the country without violating the visa regime. At the same time, if a 4 or 5 star hotel is booked, no deposit is required.

4. How to apply for a visa for the UAE on your own

Unlike a 30-day visa, you must make sure you get a residence permit 90 days in advance.

The UAE Migration Service considers all requests from visa centers, travel agencies, air carriers authorized to issue visa permits. Therefore, to obtain a visa to apply, you need to contact one of these organizations.

A direct appeal to the Migration Service is possible through a relative legally residing in the UAE. Visa support is also provided by some Emirates hotels.

4.1 Via the Visa Application Center

Attention! The Asian Visa Application Center does not serve Russians who want to obtain any type of permit to enter the UAE.

A visa application can be submitted to the Sharjah Exhibition Center in one of the following ways:

  1. Provide the necessary documents, make payments online on the company’s official website;
  2. Submit the necessary documents by e-mail , receive as an answer the contract and confirmation of payment, sign the contract, pay for services, send the scanned contract to the same address;
  3. Submit papers during a personal visit to the Sharjah Exhibition Center office.

The result of any of the methods is obtaining a ready-made permit to visit the UAE to a personal e-mail address.

4.2 Through the airline

Citizens booking with Emirates can use the visa service.

After ordering tickets, it is necessary to enter the “Reservation Management” section and enter the required information for obtaining a visa.

The partner company authorized to process submitted applications is VFS Global.

Also, Russians can apply for permission to visit the United Arab Emirates, as they are clients of the national airline Etihad.

4.3 Through the consulate

Ordinary Russians do not have the opportunity to apply to the UAE Embassy in the Russian Federation for a visa, due to the fact that the diplomatic mission issues visas only to certain categories of citizens. Namely, holders of official and diplomatic passports.

5. Visa application for the UAE

Under the rules of the simplified visa regime for the United Arab Emirates, filling out the application form at the Sharjah Exhibition Center is not required.

In case you wish to extend your free visa for 30 days, you need to fill in the online application form at the place of registration.

To obtain an entry permit through Emirates Airlines, you will need to fill out an application form. It is allowed to enter data in English or Arabic.

6. Documents for UAE visa: census from 2019

An Emirati visa application requires the applicant to submit a scanned copy of the first page of the color passport and a color photograph.

The period of validity of the passport must be at least 6 months from the date of entry into the territory of the Emirate.

A copy of the passport, made in black and white, will not be accepted for consideration.

6.1 Obtaining a visa at the border

Upon arrival at the airport, Russians must take into account all the nuances of a smooth visa for 30 days:

  1. Passport validity period corresponds to the norm (at least 6 months from the date of entry);
  2. You must have the original birth certificate with you if an Arab country is listed in the passport in the “place of birth” column;
  3. The original certificate must be translated into English or Arabic and notarized if the place of birth is any Middle Eastern country;
  4. Have a health insurance policy.

The latter condition is optional. At the same time, the authorities strongly recommend that health insurance in the event of a possible accident from the insurance.

You can buy insurance in the UAE online through the service. There are 14 insurance companies. You can choose the best offer for price and quality.

Refusal to visit the UAE is possible if the above conditions are not met or the tourist is on the “black list”.

To extend the received visa for another 30 days, the visiting citizen will be asked to:

  • give a foreign passport;
  • name the individual number issued at the first border crossing;
  • fill out the online form.

6.2 Photograph of a UAE visa

Certain documents that need to be attached when applying for a visa are presented. In paper form, the photo should be 3×4 cm, in electronic form – a file no larger than 5 Mb.

The background of the image must be bright. Clear, no blurry fragments, face image.

It is not allowed to wear glasses (except for medical indications) and hats (except for citizens who are forbidden to appear without a hat for religious reasons, but their faces must not be covered).

6.3 Visa documents for children

Important! To obtain a visa upon arrival, the child must have an identity card. Children enrolled in parents’ passports are not allowed.

If the names of the child and the parents differ, then you must show the birth certificate translated into English. Notarization is not required in this case.

Also, you do not need to certify permission to leave the child from a parent who does not accompany him.

However, if the minor citizen is not accompanied by both parents, then the mutual parental permission translated into English must be notarized.

To obtain a 3-month visa for a child enrolled in a parent’s passport, you must enclose a copy of the page containing this information with the application.

6.4 Additional documents

In extremely rare cases, when applying for a visa upon arrival, authorized border guards may request additional documents for obtaining a visa: hotel reservations, tickets, papers guaranteeing the financial solvency of travelers.

When issuing a 90-day visa permit, Migration Service employees have the right to request additional documents they deem necessary.

7. How much does a visa for the UAE cost?

The visa stamp in the Russian passport is affixed at the airport immediately upon application.

The standard waiting time for obtaining a permit to enter the UAE 3 months is 3-4 days. Urgent applications are considered within 48 hours.

7.1 How to check if your visa is ready

The Sharjah Exhibition Center has a special telephone number +7 499 714 54 74 which provides information on the readiness of the entry permit.

You can check the authenticity of the received permit document on the official website of the United Arab Emirates Migration Service at the link.

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