The market for business premises continued its momentum with 175,300 m² taken up in the 1 st  half, an increase of 35% over one year.

The market for business premises continued its momentum with 175,300 m² taken up in the 1 st  half , an increase of 35% over one year. The attraction for new surfaces is confirmed with 34% of volumes, with the development of new programs mainly in the east of Lyon. This particularly concerns the Greater Lyon East, North-East and South-East sectors,  which continue to be popular with users, accounting for nearly half of take-up.  

Small and medium-sized surfaces are more resilient

In times of crisis, it is the small surfaces that have shown themselves to be resilient. The < 1,000 m² segment therefore totaled 37% of volumes. Large operations (> 5,000 m²) have marked time. Thus, it is the 1,000 – 5,000 m² niche that has driven the market, representing almost half of the volumes. Learn more about nekretnine.  

With the dynamism of the activity,  the supply stock continues to fall, reaching almost 400,000 m². Availability is mainly located on the outskirts such as on the East or North loop, totaling half of the volumes. The vacancy rate thus stands at 3%, a sign of tight supply, which is more marked in certain sectors.  New  represents 19% of immediate stock, sufficient to meet demand over the coming months. In addition, just over 30,000 m² will be delivered to the market during the year.  

The price of rents for logistics warehouses in Lyon

As for rental values , we remain on rising values ​​in new buildings, also benefiting those of second-hand premises. The premium is displayed at €90 in the near periphery or in the Grand Lyon Nord-Ouest sector. It fluctuates between €75 and €85 in the other sectors. We also note intramural values ​​that pass the €115 per m² mark on hybrid products (premises at the foot of a building, mixed surfaces, etc.).    

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