Insider closes a round of €109M and announces that it will invest €20M

Insider , a startup focused on providing personalized and multi-channel customer experiences, has announced a Series D financing round of 121 million dollars (around 109 million euros) . This round has been led by QIA, with the additional participation of other investors such as Sequoia, Riverwood Capital, 212, Wamda Capital, Esas Private Equity and Endeavor Catalyst.

Following this round of funding, Insider has achieved unicorn status , with a valuation of $1,220M (€1,104M). It has also announced that it will invest 20 million euros in the Spanish market over the next three years . In the meantime, the additional capital will be used to fuel rapid expansion, further improve technology and scale local investments in sales and marketing.

Insider has prepared different global hiring plans and anticipates the creation of more than 50 jobs in the next three years in Spain, placing great emphasis on hiring women engineers to fill R&D and product development positions.

Spain: a market of great importance for Insider

For Insider, Spain has become a key market since the company began its expansion in Europe, opening offices in Barcelona in 2019 and putting great resources into hiring the best talent.

Since its establishment in Spain, Insider has collaborated with more than 30 retailers such as Yves Rocher , La Tienda en Casa ( El Corte Inglés ), Sprinter and Forum Sport . These companies use Insider to offer personalized experiences to their customers in the country through email, SMS, web and App channels.

“Insider’s technology can solve many of the challenges Spanish brands face when it comes to delivering efficient cross-channel experiences to their customers. It is clear that for many companies, being able to orchestrate their “customer journeys” and deliver relevant messages to each customer and, based on data, is now a priority. The Insider platform is easy to integrate and allows marketing teams to optimize their acquisition, activation, retention and sales strategies”, explains Insider Marketing Manager in Spain, Celeste Romero. Check out more interesting articles on our site IG368.

Among the Insider functionalities, the customization capacity in the different messaging channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook and SMS stands out. In addition, Insider technology is responsible for coordinating all online and offline data in a single unified platform that allows marketing teams to perform tasks such as:

  • Connect customer data across channels and systems to reveal interests and preferred touchpoints.
  • Predict which customer segments are likely to convert, buy and churn
  • Orchestrate and deliver personalized and optimized experiences to customers.

A company with international reach

Insider, with its CEO Hande Cilingir at the helm, a company founded in 2012, based in Singapore and 25 offices worldwide including Barcelona, ​​whose main objective is to redesign the way marketers offer multi-channel experiences,  to through a technology that has convinced more than 800 international brands with which it collaborates, including  Decathlon , Philips, Samsung, Estée Lauder,  Adidas , Avon, Nissan,  Ikea and CNN.

The company has used formats such as InStory , for example, which stands out for offering a solution similar to the stories of the main social networks within eCommerce, including the possibility of displaying segmented content based on the customer; as well as push notifications , with which Insider has collaborated with companies such as Samsung, thus achieving a 24% improvement in cart recovery through this type of segmented messages.

Insider Growth Management: AI to deliver personalized experiences

For its part, the Growth Management Platform (GMP) Insider offers a highly varied set of functions, ranging from customer acquisition to activation, conversion and retention, using real-time predictive segmentation  to predict future behavior of the consumer, with which individualized experiences are achieved.

“Advanced micro-segmentation capabilities enable personalized experiences across web, mobile web, apps, and digital advertising platforms. Insider takes everything a step further and makes the platform easy to implement and use by avoiding the need for complex integrations and dependency on IT teams, resulting in greater efficiency and zero waste in marketing investments . the company.