How to sell on Fiverr in 2022 and Earn Money As A Freelancer

How to sell in Fiverr . Today I will show you how to use this application, the type of services it can offer on Fiver and the costs applied to the service, I will show you the detailed procedure for creating a seller account and posting your first ad, either via PC or via PC mobile phones and tablets.

How to sell on Fiverr step by step

What can I sell on Fiverr?

Before you go into this guide and explain How to Sell in Fiver , it might be helpful to know the types of services you can offer on this platform and the commissions that that service applies to each successful account. You might be interested in how to rank Fiverr gig on first page of Google by Shaz Vlog.

If so, you’re wondering “What can I sell on Fiverr?” , you should know that you can create ads to sell digital services, such as logo design, Internet site optimization , translate text, or sell an online course. There are 7 main sales categories and more than 200 subcategories available on Fiverr – here are a few examples.

  • Graphics and Design : A category dedicated to the world of graphics, including digital. Allows you to create logos, posters, brochures and cartoons.
  • Digital Marketing : This is a section that offers services that cover web marketing, such as creating social campaigns, optimizing websites in SEO and more.
  • Writing and translating : Ideal for those who love writing and with their transcription capabilities make other long texts or translations available.
  • Video and Animation : A section dedicated to professionals from edición cameramen who have excellent skills in video editing programs, creating animations and films with special effects.
  • Music and audio : Musicians, producers, sound technicians and anyone involved in the music world can offer a number of services, such as creating sound effects and jingles. In addition, it is possible to make your own voice available for song composition.
  • Programming and Technology : A category designed for developers and developers who are able to create websites on demand or solve problems of various kinds related to the world of software.
  • Business : For everything related to the world of business, from financial advice to creating business presentations.
  • lifestyle : It is an ideal category for those who want to offer online courses, but also food, spiritual and much more.

In terms of cost, placing a sales ad on Fiverr is completely free. However, the service applies one 20% commission for each successful order.

Also, you should know that the payment by the customer is current, but that the payment is credited only at the end of the work, within 14  days  of delivery of the order.

Sell ​​on Fiverr from your computer

Selling on Five from a computer is a simple and quick process. You must first open an account and enter as much information as possible about your work experience and skills, in order to increase your sales opportunity. Then it is enough to create a Gig, which is an announcement about the sale of the digital service that will be offered on Fiverr, and wait for the first orders.

To continue, then linked to the Fiverr homepage, click Become a reseller in the upper right corner, and on the new screen that appears, click the Become a reseller button .

If you already have a Fiverr account as a customer, select the Registry option and sign in with your credentials. Otherwise, select one of the available entries from Continue with Facebook o Continue with Google to register with Fiverr using your Facebook account or your Google account.

Or enter your email address and click the resume button for traditional email registration.

In the latter case, enter in the field both the username and password to be used in the Select username y Select password , press the join button and click continue.

In the  Information section, enter your first and last name (in the fields first and last name ) , click on the Camara icon  visible next to Profile photo , to upload your own photo to be used as a profile picture and enter a description of your job, work experience and everything what you deem necessary to get more sales opportunities in the field description (at least 150 characters).

In the languages ​​section , specify the languages ​​you speak, the level of expertise in the language and competition fields and press the add button , to add the language in question to your profile.

Click the Add New button to add new languages ​​and click Continue to access the  Professional Information section .

Now determine your work experience ( Digital Marketing , Graphics and Design , Writing and Translation , Music and Audio , etc.) through the drop-down menu Your Occupation , and through the drop-down menus shows the start year and end year of the work year , put a tick next to your best ability 2 and a maximum of 5 options) among the suggestions on the screen.

To add new work experiences, click the Add new option and repeat the procedure just described. Then state your skills and level of competence: beginner indicate that you are a beginner; intermediate if you have a good level of knowledge and an expert if you are an expert on the subject.

If you wish, in the education and certification sections , indicate your study route and any courses you have attended. Although data is not required, I recommend that you enter as much data as possible to create a professional profile that will allow you more sales opportunities later.

After pressing the continue button , select whether you want to connect your Fiverr profile with your social network ( LinkedIn , Facebook and google ), pressing the appropriate Connect button and continue by clicking the continue button .

In the Account Security section , click the Add Phone Number button to add your phone number: the latter will not be visible to other users, but will be used to verify your identity and inspire potential customers.

Then enter your phone number in the field Enter your phone number and choose whether you want to confirm your identity by phone call ( Confirm by call ) or security code by SMS ( Check by SMS ).

After verifying your phone number, go to the post office, find the email Fiverr previously sent you, and click Activate your account to also verify your email address.

Finally return to the Account Security screen, click the Go Next button and create your first ad  to complete vendor registration and create your first sales ad.

On the new screen that appears in the field, enter the title of your concert Ad Title , select the category ( Music and Audio , Lifestyle , Digital Marketing , Business , Programming and Technology , etc.) and the subcategory through drop-down menus Choose one  category  y menu specify the type of service you intend to offer Type of service .

Enter a maximum of 5 keywords in the field Search tags and click the save y button to access the section to determine the cost of the service offered.

En Pricing You can create up to three different types of purchase packages for your service; otherwise move the lever next to option 3 of the de ON a OFF package to set up a one-time purchase solution.

Once selected, create purchase packages by entering first and last name,   description , and specifying Delivery Time and Price.

Click the Save and Continue button and enter a description of the offered service in the field (maximum 1,200 characters) description .

If you want, in the Frequently Asked Questions section , you can add frequently asked questions (possible frequently asked questions) that may be useful to the customer and click the Save and Continue button.

On the Tell Your Customer screen what you need to get started , enter the information you need to do your job better (maximum 450 characters) and the customer will need to deliver you after purchasing your service, while in the Create Your Gallery section,  upload at least one video , an image or PDF file that best sponsors your offer or displays your previous work.

Finally click on the button. Save and continue , and click the Post,  Publish Ad item. To see a list of published concerts, click on the list of ads present in your account’s main menu and in the Active Ads section. You can see a list of active ads and related statistics (impressions, clicks, orders sent, canceled orders, etc.).

If you want to see received orders instead, select the order item in the menu at the top, select the order of your interest and click the accept button .

The countdown will be displayed automatically depending on the delivery time you specified when creating the ad. After completing the job, return to the order section , select the completed order and press the Deliver your order , Submit work y Send job , buttons to send the job to the customer.

Sell ​​on Fiverr from mobile phones and tablets

If you’re wondering if it’s possible to sell on Fiver from mobile phones and tablets , you should know this through the Android and iOS app, you can create your own account, browse your lists and manage orders, but you can’t create a new gig or edit data about your profile.

After downloading Fiverr from the device store, launch the program in question by tapping its icon and select the Become a reseller option .

On the new screen that appears, tap the continue button and press the Login element to log in to your account.

If, on the other hand, you have not yet registered with Fiverr, select the Connect to Facebook option to register using your Facebook account, the Connect with Google entry to create a Fiverr account through your Google account, or press the Sign in to email button to register with your email address.

In the latter case, enter the required data in the fields e-mail , Public username y password and press the buttons Register y Got it .

To complete the registration and activate your account, go to the post office, find the email address sent by Fiverr and press the Activate your account button.

Now run the browser installed on your device (e.g. chrome  on Android and safari on iOS), linked to the official Fiverr website and check the box next to I’m not a robot , to prove yourself as a “human” user.

Then click the located button located in the upper left corner and select the Login option , to access the Fiver with the data just created.

After logging in to your account, click My Panel and select Start selling on the new screen that appears .

Now tap the Become a Salesman button to enter your personal information, your study information, your skills, professional experience and fill in the salesperson profile.

Since the process of filling out your reseller profile and posting ads on Fiver from mobile phones and tablets is identical to the one I described in the previous sections, you can follow the instructions for the process of selling on Fiver from your computer.

Once your first sales ad has been published, you can manage Gig and orders through the Fiverr app. To do so, launch the latter, click more in the menu below and tap View as reseller , access the house section to view your profile statistics and get an overview of your earnings.

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