How to customize your PS5 controller? From the colors, to the materials

From the colors, to the materials, and even the modification of the buttons. Below we explain all the ways to customize a PS5 controller. And it is that the word “custom” is something that every gamer loves to hear in order, not only to be more exclusive, but to be more competitive.

A custom controller is nothing more than a regular official Dual Sense 5 controller, to which more or less complex modifications have been made in order to modify its appearance or add additional functions that are not present in the original PS5 controllers. Know more about the wine pump.

And is it easy to customize the PS5 controller? Not always. To achieve these advanced features, you have to modify the most important part of a PS5 controller, its chip. This chip along with the special controller’s own motherboard carries all the necessary data to help the controller perform different functions during gaming sessions.

Remember that customizing a PS5 controller is not illegal , as it does not change the original details of the controller. In most cases, it only adds aesthetic components and at most, a small chip to add functions and features. However, in some cases modifying the controller may affect your warranty.

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Ways to customize a PS5 controller

Playing with a modified controller is a totally different experience than what you are used to. And it is that, only at the design level can we modify the materials of the casing and its texture, the buttons and joysticks, everything, in order to make the controller adapt to our needs for each game in each game. You might be interested in home office accessories.

Quick fire buttons

Shooters are perhaps one of the most competitive and extreme game genres that exist, since they test the players’ reflexes and coordination in milliseconds because in those types of situations that require you to quickly fire your weapons, the Whoever presses the button first wins. The objective is to kill your opponent before he kills you and sometimes, even if you shoot both at the same time, there is always one that dies first (and we don’t want to be that one).

To avoid this type of situation or at least to give yourself an advantage , you can modify the buttons to turn them into rapid fire buttons or levers. PS5 custom controllers that have these types of buttons allow you to shoot faster compared to your opponents thanks to the alternative technology with which they are built.

If you want to find this type of modification, it is best to search for “Trigger Kit for PS5” and thus find different models. Of course, you must bear in mind that to achieve the rapid fire effect (according to the button travel) you must disassemble the control at your own risk and responsibility.

Automatic aiming (Aimbot)

Achieving a good aim takes practice and is difficult for most novice players. This is why many gamers decide to skip this step and opt to install automatic aiming assistants on their PS5 controllers.

This mod allows you to secure automatic aiming on your opponents’ weak points through the device. Remember that these types of modifications are penalized by competitive online games, so if the system detects that you are using them, they could well ban or delete your account permanently.

These types of Aimbot systems are incorporated into your control through gadgets connected by cable that can be easily found and can be configured in many ways to be more or less aggressive when it comes to automatically adjusting our aim.

Button Remapping

The PlayStation 5 console has hundreds of games from different genres and each game has different controls assigned to different buttons to play. This is something that, despite the fact that we can modify it in many titles from the controls section , it cannot always be the case.

Luckily there are certain accessories that not only allow you to add more buttons, but also to remap them . In this way, the most demanding gamers can assign buttons and functionalities according to their taste and convenience, breaking the limits of the original controls.

Some of the most common ways to remap or add new buttons to customize your controller are known as “scuf sticks” located on the back of the controller.

custom painting

It is possible to modify the color of the control to the player’s preference, since there are all kinds of mixtures of colors and designs. In this sense, the best thing about custom controllers is that they tend to bring finishes that are of similar quality to the console manufacturer itself. So you can rest assured that the command will last for many years and that on top of that, it will be in fact by and for you.

Think that you can customize a PS5 controller not only so that it has the color combination that you like the most, but also so that it even has serigraphs of your favorite games or characters.

What are the advantages of customizing your PS5 controller?

PS5 controllers not only offer those who purchase them a way to personalize their gaming experience, they can add functionality to the controller itself. Everyone has needs and the custom command aims to solve this precisely. And it is that, there are many pieces to add to the control, for all types of players. No more getting used to the design that is predetermined in the console controller, each one will have their controller adapted to their way of playing.

Each player will be able to modify their control depending on the type of game they prefer. Both choose the texture, as the patterns or as a type of material. Everything is possible. Because in general, these changes reduce the pressure that the joint must exert on the finger, they make the controls lighter. Furthermore, not only is that what can be changed, but it is also possible to customize the color of the buttons and add functionalities to them.

The possibilities of customizing the controls are very wide and it does not have an unreasonable price. if you buy it in a professional modification shop (there are no official ones) you will also have the manufacturer’s guarantee, this is something that saves us headaches. There are many features for all types of players.

The most reluctant players to modify their PS5 controller can be totally calm. These modifications are totally legal and in no case will they be penalized. The only thing that is done is to modify the control according to the preference of the player in question.

Frequent questions

What is the difference between a normal controller and a custom controller?

One of the main differences when it comes to customizing a ps5 controller is that the custom controller has a unique design and extra features, such as: additional buttons, rapid fire, extended triggers, etc.

Can I customize my PS5 controller?

Of course you can, and if you want to become a competitive player it is recommended. Not only will it make you have more reaction time than your opponent, but you can customize it as you prefer and have the style that best defines you. Your PS5 controller will be unique and tailored to you. Do you want to customize the home button? You may. Do you need to modify the triggers? You may.

What does the PS5 custom controller do?

Apart from your remote looking much more attractive, you will also be able to enjoy more features . I’ll give you an example: put the buttons as you prefer, change the X and Y position, or even add more buttons in case you fall short in a game.

Can I get banned for using a custom controller?

If your main concern is that you might get kicked out of the game, don’t worry. The only thing for which they can prohibit the use of the game is for the fact of using codes, cheats or some program that helps you. In no case is it forbidden to customize your controller. This is nothing more than adding a special component to make it work better. In no case will it modify or affect the content of the game.

We hope that with this you have been able to learn something more about the wonderful world of custom PS5 controllers. But remember! Doing this kind of thing yourself voids the original manufacturer’s warranty (Playstation / Sony) so if you decide to do aggressive modifications, it’s best to find a reputable specialist company. And with that said, do you have any modded controllers? Leave it in the comment box.

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