Dubai Metro Working Hours

Since opening in 2009, the Dubai Metro has become a vital transportation system providing convenient connectivity across this busy growing city. To best serve commuters, residents and tourists, Dubai Metro trains operate extensively during most days of the week. An overview of standard operational timings follows.

Weekday Working Hours

Dubai Metro lines function for long hours on most weekdays enabling riders to utilize its services extensively.

Opening Hours

On regular weekdays, metro stations open to passengers at 5:50 am. This early opening allows commuters ample time to reach offices, schools, and other institutions opening by 7 or 8 am.

Closing Hours

Regular weekday metro service closes at midnight. The last train departs each terminal station at 11:38 pm allowing sufficient time to reach final destinations across the network.

So on weekdays spanning Sunday to Wednesday, Dubai Metro operates nearly 19 hours from roughly 5:50 am to midnight with extended services on Thursday. This allows patrons ample access for commuting, school runs, business travel, domestic transit and tourist activities.

Weekend Dubai Metro Timings

While frequency declines slightly, metro lines also serve passengers with longer operating durations across weekends enabling leisure trips.

Saturday Metro Hours

On Saturdays, Dubai Metro again opens at 5:50 am with train frequency matching regular weekdays. Closing times extend on Saturdays to 1:00 am however allowing for late night weekend transit.

So riders can enjoy nearly 19.5 hours of operations on Saturdays from pre-dawn early starts to late evening train availability. This caters well to tourists making weekend holiday trips or UAE residents heading a late night out in districts like Dubai Marina.

Sundays and Public Holidays

Sundays provide the most limited Dubai Metro operating hours. Trains generally run a reduced service spanning only from 8:00 am until midnight on Sundays and official public holidays.

Nonetheless, 12 hours of operations remain available on these days still enabling riders leisure transit access across Dubai to key hotspots. Frequency may decline to 10 or 15 minute intervals however depending on demand.

Notable Aspects of Operations

Beyond basic hours, further notable aspects of metro operations include:

  • Frequency increases during peak morning and evening commuter rush hours with trains as often as every 4 to 8 minutes across the Red Line.
  • Train capacity rises as well using 6-car formations running roughly 6am to 9am then 4pm to 7pm on weekdays plus 8am to noon on weekends.
  • Maximum intervals between trains at off-peak times may reach 15 to 20 minutes especially late nights or Sundays.
  • Shorter 3-car trains provide normal 10 minute frequency services during off-peak periods.

So while frequencies adapt to demand fluctuations, Dubai Metro provides consistent operational hours for riders daily.

Dubai Tram Working Hours

Dubai’s newer tram network runs parallel to the metro’s Red Line along key corridors. The Dubai Tram operates:

  • Daily service spanning 6 am until 1 am
  • Peak intervals as frequent as every 6-8 minutes
  • 19 hours of operations for weekdays and weekends

So the Dubai Tram network exceeds metro weekend timings while operating similarly long durations each day especially supporting tourists in Bur Dubai and Marina districts.


In summary, Dubai Metro lines deliver consistent, long-running service daily aside from Fridays enabling commuter transit as well tourist connections across key attractions into late evenings. Only Sundays and public holidays see truncation to 12 hours while weekends extend beyond midnight operations catering to weekend demand. So residents and visitors alike can rely on the metro network functioning for their transport needs almost 20 hours most days through early morning and late night availability.